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Our team of developers at Zeroday VIP have been working long and hard to come out with a brand new Google Chrome Zero-Day exploit. Being the most popular browser across the internet, this means a very large portion of users machines are vulnerable. First, we want to prioritize that the exploit is completely silent. This means there will be no detentions from any anti-virus. As well, no pesky chrome pop-ups, so the victim is caught entirely by surprise. Second, we want to focus on ease of access. For instance, infecting the victim can be simple as clicking a button. On the other hand, you could infect them from just loading the web page.


You may be asking, how is this different from other Chrome Zero-Day exploits which get patched often? Well, the exploit not only targets a vulnerability in Google Chrome. It also targets a common vulnerability in the Windows OS on all versions from Win XP – Latest Windows 10. For instance, if Google attempts to patch the exploit it would still require Microsoft to push an update in order to fully stop the exploit. Think of it like 2 0day exploits in one, working together to infect the machine with your malware.


In conclusion, if you are looking for an advanced chrome zero-day exploit to mass spread your malware. Then you are at the right place, this exploit will help you with all of your spreading needs. Do not forget we offer money-back guarantee if you do not enjoy using this 0day exploit, as well free support for all purchases.


We highly suggest using this exploit alongside GandCrab (Ransomware) to maximize your profits!

5 reviews for Google Chrome Zero-Day [Silent]

  1. Captain Pre (verified owner)

    as expected, thankyou

  2. LaFerrari (verified owner)

    Surprised to find a 0day exploit for so cheap, but it worked perfectly. Exactly as advertised

  3. Rsynced (verified owner)

    Works very well, I was hesitant but it works as expected. Highly suggested

  4. EdwardKult (verified owner)

    Work great. I use with gandcrab and easily get 100-200 infections per day, my only complaint is admin is not in my timezone so I wait sometimes hours for response. when I get the response it always helps greatly so I give 4 stars out of 5

  5. Scribble18 (verified owner)

    This is great exploit, last one i purchased from a different site ripped me, was very hesitant to buy again but the money back guarantee was perfect for me. i am more then happy with my purchase, thanks so mcuh!

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