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Exobot is one of the most iconic, and sophisticated Android banking trojan’s ever created. The malware comes loaded with 150+ configurations for popular banks all around the world. Above all, it is very simple to create a configuration to target any Android bank application you would like to target. If you require help, let us know the app name and we can create the configuration for you! Now, let’s dive straight in to the features to get an idea of why this is so advanced.

Main Features
  • Injection from Android 4 to Android 9 (Android Q tested but NOT guaranteed yet)
  • Hidden SMS intercept, Delete SMS on the phone without notifying user
  • Reload Inject – Used injects may be shown again
  • Device Lock (no screen, no sound, etc.)
  • USSD (Call Forwarding / SIM Swapping)
  • Send SMS
  • Improved Dynamic modules system
  • You can add unlimited domains to existing bots to increase the vitality of the botnet
  • Bot code has been optimized to slow down antivirus signatures appearing and keep bot clean for the longer time
  • Bot size 90kb approximately
Exobot Advanced Android Banking Trojan
Exobot Advanced Android Banking Trojan


Now that we have covered some of the main features, it is important to understand the specifics of this bank bot. For instance, the settings as well the loader have a huge part to play in defining how sophisticated this bot it.

Administration Panel
  • Statistics
  • Easy SMS viewer for each bot
  • Tasks
  • Bot activity
  • Inject data
Loader Section
  • Statistics
  • Upload your APK (or use Exobot Compact)
  • Every client gets one unique APK file ready to use (possible to upload into Play Store)
  • Exobot customers gets Android Loader for Free


Now that you should have a good idea of how this bank bot operates, let’s cover the extra features we offer for all customers. On top of all these features we offer many services to help expand your victims. For instance, crypt and cleaning for an adequate price, custom injects development (free), as well 150+ ready injects. Be sure to check out our exploits for more advanced tools to help you spread! In conclusion, this is truly a great bank bot with a vast amount of features to help with all your stealing needs.

Exobot Advanced Android Banking Trojan

4 reviews for Exobot + Google Play Loader

  1. ℌydra (verified owner)

    Had a very pleasant experience talking with support. got setup very quick and had no issues ! thanks for your time

  2. JJ (verified owner)

    Purchased over a month ago, still is on google play store without being removed. Very happy with the service thus far

  3. Patriot (verified owner)

    Truly amazing botnet. I was very confused had no idea how to setup, but the staff helped me greatly! only took a couple hours which was much better than I expected.

  4. Hackbase – (verified owner)

    Much better than bankbot and cheaper. do not hesitate this is good

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