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GandCrab has such an immense amount of features, that it is too many to list. We are going to break it up in to several categories to really dive deep and give you a better understanding of how complex this ransomware is. First, we will start of with the core of the encryption to give you a general idea of how it works. If you would like to read more about GandCrab check out these articles on Acronis and MalwareBytes.

Encryption Features
  • Written entirely in C++ using WinAPI
  • No third-party dependencies
  • Stub size of 69kb allowing you to embed in exploits very easily
  • Multi-threaded encryption; a separate thread is created for each medium
  • More than 1400 Masks with AES algorithms using a key of 256-bits.
    • Encryption is using RSA-2048
    • Encryption algorithm AES mode CBC-based cipher using the CSPRNG, support SSE (Amd/Intel)
GandCrab V5 - Advanced Ransomware
GandCrab V5 - Advanced Ransomware


Now that you have a general idea of the encryption methods used, let’s move on to the advanced features. These features really make GandCrab stand out compared to all the competitor tools.

Advanced Features
  • When you turn off the PC or reboot, it starts searching and encrypting new files and removable media
  • Point of no return: Remove shadow copies and restore points
  • Canary files: bypasses Anti-Ransom solutions based on lures (“canary files”)
  • Anti-virus: traffic between the admin panel and the bot is encrypted, meta-data, string parameters of the file are absent, a combination of techniques is used to counteract runtime detection
  • The product determines whether to work or not. Not only by keyboard layout, but also by other parameters. Thus, Chinese servers with RU layout are also in the affected area


Now you should have a good idea of why GandCrab really gives a kick to any victims. This not only increases your profits but also helps the victim realize they need to pay ASAP. Let’s focus on the extra features portion of the ransomware.

Extra Features
  • Convenient admin panel is located in the TOR network (.onion)
  • Payment: payment of your redemption on dashboard
  • Detailed information about each object, the ability to select your favorite bots
  • Manual calibration: the size of the ransom for countries, individual bots, encryption masks – all this you configure
  • The landing page for the victim is located on the TOR (.onion), but also available from a regular WEB browser, which significantly increases the number of payments
  • Test decryption of a single file to demonstrate the possibility of decryption on the landing page
  • Communication through the ticket system with each victim, to clarify the procedure and other assistance
  • After payment is automatically issued a descriptor and instructions to him on the landing, in the case of non-payment of the ransom in a certain period of time its size is doubled automatically
GandCrab V5 - Advanced Ransomware

7 reviews for GandCrab V5.2 – Advanced Encryption

  1. iCash (verified owner)

    awesome ! all I have to say is awesome!

  2. ChainLink (verified owner)

    best support team ever, had it up and running in less than 12 hours!

  3. Fifty-Fifty (verified owner)

    been using for a week now, forgot to write review. it works really good and very fast income thanks zeroday team!

  4. Geeza (verified owner)

    I read about gandcrab on news and thought i would give try. price is steep but definitely worth it! i made back my money in 2 days of spamming email

  5. Basstracer (verified owner)

    not many review but figure I’d give it a shot. Certainly not disappointed. Took a bit for me to get in contact with admin’s because of my timezone but they set up gandcrab in less than an hour and taught me so much! forever grateful

  6. Lordflaxco (verified owner)

    GandCrab is best ransomware i ever used!! was asked to write review but not much to say that hasn’t been said. Thank you for amazing products

  7. Jollyboi (verified owner)

    in honor of time spent on my purchase i will write honest review! my englush very bad and worry looking at english site that i can not buy and have built for me. no worry! admin does very good job and help me learn very much!

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