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The stealing capabilities of Smoke Botnet spans across many plugin’s, with a vast amount of features to fit all your needs.

Firstly there is the stealer plugin, its main use is for collecting passwords.
  • All passwords will collect and save in to the administration panel, where they can easily be viewed.
  • Steal cookies from Firefox and Chrome-based browsers. This allows you to steal accounts even when they do not save passwords.
Secondly we have the Form Grabber plugin, it will work in real time with all browsers.
  • Support both 32-bit and 64-bit browsers
  • Intercept all POST form requests (login forms, credit card / payment forms)
  • Support HTTP/s form data, allowing you to steal data from any website they visit
Lastly we have the Pass Sniffer, this will work in real time along all applications on the system.
  • Intercept any login data they enter in to any application.
  • Support FTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP
Smoke Loader Botnet - Password Stealer
Smoke Loader Botnet - Password Stealer


First we have the process monitor, this plugin will work like task manager. You can view all the processes and execute or remove any process from the machine.

Second, we have the keylogger which will constantly log all keylog data on the machine. Therefore, you will never miss any sensitive data the victim may enter.

Lastly, we have the Hidden Teamviewer, this plugin will create a hidden second space on the machine. In addition, it will load TeamViewer on the hidden second space. You will receive the details to connect to the machine using TeamViewer, so you can control their mouse and keyboard. This is all completely hidden, the victim can use their computer without noticing you controlling the machine.


Smoke has so many features inside this botnet, too many to list. We have already gone through some of the most important plugins, but there are still many that may interest you.


  • Use the victims to perform DDOS-attacks on various resources
    • Target Domains (website) or IP address of a server / home network
  • Many attack methods

Email Grabber

  • It will collect all email addresses from popular mail clients
    • Outlook, Thunderbird, The Bat!
  • Expand your email lists to spam your payload to other victims

Fake DNS / DNS Hijacker

  • Change the IP address for any website the victim visits
    • For instance, PayPal.com can direct to your phishing page
  • Completely undetected
Smoke Loader Botnet - Password Stealer

5 reviews for Smoke Botnet – Module Style Loader

  1. focks (verified owner)

    Works perfectly! Thanks very much

  2. mercathon (verified owner)

    Found this on Google, was not sure if trustworthy. used escrow so I could not get screwed and in the end was very happy with my purchase. hidden teamviewer plugin is much better than I thought

  3. ChaosDestroyer (verified owner)

    thanks for fast support i love this botnet!

  4. Atrocity (verified owner)

    Hidden teamviewer works perfectly!

  5. Kotadiatu (verified owner)

    works well, was surprised by how many ‘modules’ it has. The password stealer and hidden teamviewer is extremely useful

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