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Sniffer CC has an immense amount of features that compete with all the top credit card stealers. Using this botnet alongside one of our exploits you can easily maximize your profits within your first day. There are far too many to list, so we will try to focus on the main features.

Starting off we have the control panel
  • Receives data from Sniffer CC and recognizes required fields
  • Automatically detect the card type (Visa, Mastercard, Etc)
  • Eliminates duplicate entries
  • Export CC and all data
    • Create templates for exporting the cards
  • See statistics such as total cards, cards per day, and schedule for the last week
  • Search CC by filtering parameters or keyword search
  • Convenient interface for viewing singular card
Sniffer CC - Advanced Credit Card Stealer
Sniffer CC - Advanced Credit Card Stealer


Now let’s focus on the extra, more detailed features. For instance, Sniffer CC is pretty new to market, mainly began selling in underground Russian markets. Since then the amount of cards stolen has risen an immense amount. Monetization with this botnet is extremely easy and fast to make a return on investment. Above all, stolen credit cards are one of the easiest products to sell on the internet. If you invest in Sniffer CC you will not be disappointed. The panel is mainly in Russian as you can see from the screenshots, although it can be translated easily in Google Chrome or other similar browsers with extensions. In conclusion, this is the most advanced, and best botnet for credit card stealing you will ever find.

3 reviews for Sniffer CC – Advanced Credit Card Stealer

  1. Crimin4ls (verified owner)

    was confused hopw to setup but the admin helped, took little time because my timezone is different but in the end it worked out

  2. drizzydrake  (verified owner)

    Very effective. with good traffic i manage to collect many cards, woudl suggest to use over any competitor!

  3. EmKoso (verified owner)

    purchased last week, received instantly. got good support this past week with setup, infecting some sites. i give 5/5 because admin gave me many tips to have success with targets and it work really well. thanks

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